Collaboration is at the heart of Uhrenholt worldwide!

In Uhrenholt, we truly believe that customer satisfaction defines success. Employees, who thrive, are motivated, enjoy success, and actively contribute to better work environment, best possible customer service, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Through this perspective, it is only natural that employee engagement is a crucial focus at Uhrenholt.


Freedom in the daily work

Kennet Paulsen, who is in charge of Uhrenholt’s retail business in South East Asia, explains: “Uhrenholt is a family-owned company with a strong culture. When asking the new employees we get onboard what has surprised them most by working at Uhrenholt, it is the extent of freedom they have in their daily work, and this is indeed positively meant.  To underline this, the engagement survey always shows high scores on “I feel like I am given enough freedom to decide how to do my work”.

Kennet continues: “November 2020 saw our third employee engagement survey with an exceptional employee participation rate of 96%. The overall engagement score of 8.4 is in top 10 % of the global consumer segment. Engagement has improved each year since our first survey in November 2018, and while we are very pleased with the result, there is still room for improvement. We will continue to engage with our people to collectively decide on actions related to the survey, and through this inclusive approach, continue to help each other create an even better working environment.

Uhrenholt was founded in Denmark as a trading company within the food industry in 1978 by Frank Uhrenholt. Today, the organisation has local offices and representations in more than 20 countries worldwide and remains a 100 % family owned business with Sune Uhrenholt as CEO.

Engagement workshop

Last month, we have gathered all employees in my department for an engagement workshop and employees were encouraged to bring forward ideas and suggestions to improve various aspects of working in Uhrenholt. Nothing is too small or big to be brought forward, discussed and brainstormed. Uhrenholt commits to continue to work on these ideas for continuous improvement.”

Kennet further explains: “It is essential that we leverage our human resources to create competitive advantage. A common focus is critical, and as such, all our employees must have a clear picture of how they contribute to our company strategy. We do this by linking the individual’s annual ‘goals’ to the ‘must win battles’ in the region or department, and in turn the ‘must win battles’ are again clearly connected to the ‘group strategy’.


There’s a lot of engagement and caring at Uhrenholdt

There is a lot of respect and caring for each other throughout the organisation worldwide. Open communication, understanding of various challenges, and always striving to make each other better and doing the best we can. Collaboration is at the heart of our culture.

During the last 12 months, the global pandemic has challenged our way of working. Through an amazing will and ability from our employees to cooperate internally across countries, we have managed to create a working environment in which our employees have succeeded in doing a great job despite the tough times. “

When asking what he thinks about the importance of engagement, Kennet says: “In 2020, we have made better results than ever, not at least thanks to the very high engagement among our employees!”

Kennet Paulsen

Country Manager Malaysia and Regional Retail Manager SEA at Uhrenholt A/S

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