Why You Should Join
– and What You’ll Get!

Our organisation sit at the heart of local business communities, helping companies of every size and sector to grow and thrive!

We are dedicated to protecting and promoting the Danish business community in Malaysia!

We advocate the economic impact and importance of industry-specific policies and issues affecting your business!

We connect our members and provide unlimited referral opportunities through our Danish Chamber of Commerce Malaysia Community!

We are dedicated to protecting and promoting the Danish business community in Malaysia.

Our community is composed of mostly business owners and representatives who meet at events and other activities, and it have many opportunities to help your business grow.

We work with various organisations across Malaysia and Denmark to help maximise your ROI. However, it is not an instant ROI machine. You must put in your time and effort to get what you need out of the organisation. You don’t need to participate in every event, but the more you participate, the more you will benefit from your membership.

Why You Should Join Us!

Networking opportunities

Our events and meetings can offer you new prospects to build your professional networking connections with people who will want to do business with you and who can introduce you to others who will want to do business with you. The relationships you can build help people know, like and trust you – which leads them to want to do business with you.


Insights and connections

We often hold events and ongoing networking opportunities that specialise in benefiting the business. These infomational events come at a fraction of the cost of large organisations dealing with the same subject matter and are usually small in number which maximises one-on-one interaction between the speaker and the attendees.

Beyond just building your professional networking base, you will find like-minded, business-focused individuals who share many of your interests and concerns, which can often be a hard thing to do abroad.


Promotion and Visibility

We offer many different ways to promote our affiliates. From company visit to promotional booklets, member directories, newsletters, sponsorship opportunities, and articles on our website and social media announcements you won’t find it difficult to promote your company and elevate your visibility through us.


Local and federal influence

We are affiliated with influential organisations and government agencies and act as a voice for

our members. Joining us allows you to become involved in local and federal issues that can benefit your business’ interests. By becoming a voice for local business you can help shape the form of local legislation and regulations that may affect how you can do business.


Events and Programs

Hosting a variety of events is our specialty. Traditions, inter-chamber networking, business visits, and briefings are just a few of the fun and informative things you as a member can enjoy doing. Each of these events offers another opportunity to build relationships with other business people and promote your business.


Joining a Committee

When you become an active member, you have the chance to join different committees. Doing this gives you more decision making power within the community and allows you to assist in shaping its future as an organisation.


Growing your business

In the end, joining us allows you to grow your business beyond traditional parameters of sales or marketing by easily finding all of these opportunities in one place. Meeting new people, becoming involved in local issues, and expanding your knowledge and outreach are invaluable to the growth and success of your business.

What You’ll Get!

Business Briefings

The purpose of these events is to disseminate crucial knowledge on highly relevant topics for business operations in Malaysia. Among the standard topics can be mentioned budget outlook, government changes and legislative changes.


After Hours Networking

Networking in a relaxed and informal atmosphere including a short business briefing or other initiating activity, often as a joined chamber event with fellow European countries to make new acquaintances.


Company Visits

One of our most popular events and a great networking opportunity visiting production sites, plantations or other form of interactive and informative company presentations.


Excursions & Field Trips

This activity is often combined with chamber or company visits outside the metropolitan area or in neighbouring countries such as Singapore or Thailand and provides good opportunities to meet with fellow chambers.


Family Days

This type of informal event is for our members and their families. Among other things, we celebrate the Danish traditional Fastelavn in February with “hit the barrel” and invite you to a Christmas ceremony in December.



Virtual business briefings with market leading experts varying from presentations followed by subsequent Q&A sessions to roundtable discussions or expert panel with topics such as e.g.; Budget Outlook or Government changes.



We provide important information to all members in the form of legislative changes, government initiatives, new opportunities or barriers that are crucial for business operations in Malaysia.


Business Promotion

We often share members’ success stories and innovative initiatives as well as available talent profiles to our community by mailing lists, social media, blog and website.



We support international internships and are happy to build bridges between interns and companies in collaboration with educational institutions in Malaysia and in Denmark.



We invite our members and their partners to engage on committees to influence activities and market positioning of our community.


Inter-Chamber Activities

We  engage in international and local activities and organisations to secure a strong position and influence, ensuring our members a strong voice and important insights.


Regional Danish Business Alliance

We are in alliance with 12 Danish chambers across Asia with the aim of building a bridge across countries and chambers in the region for knowledge sharing and promoting Danish business operations in Asia.