Board Committees

The board committees are formed when it is efficient or necessary to facilitate effective decision making.
Our committees don’t have to be permanent but can be formed on an ad-hoc basis to solve problems or plan events as they arise.
We encourage our members to join a committee for a certain issue without being permanently involved.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome committee welcomes new members and works to recruit non-board members to serve as committee members as well as it works to enhance membership retention. Responsibilities of committee members include interviewing new members and greeting new members at the meetings and networking events. The membership committee members serve as ambassadors for Malaysian Danish Business Council, and they explore adding new benefits for our members as well as educating members to existing benefits.

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Member Recognition Committee

The committee is established to provide oversight of member recognition initiatives of Malaysian Danish Business Council, reviewing criteria of respective recognition or award categories as may from time to time be sanctioned, making recommendations to the Board of Directors as necessary, and serving as a Panel in the review, evaluation, and determination of nominations coming before the Board of Directors.

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Event Committee

This committee organises all business events and activities. Responsibilities include invitation of speakers, organisation of facilities, equipment and sponsorship gifts, such as soliciting welcome bag donations and volunteering the day of events and a variety of tasks as assigned. While continually analysing current activities to ensure they benefit the organisation and its members, as well as the the sponsors and partners, they also recommend new activities and events.

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Family Day Committee

This committee organises the Fastelavn event in February and the Christmas ceremony and reception in December. Responsibilities include soliciting welcome bag donations, F&B sponsorships and volunteering the day of events and a variety of tasks as assigned.

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