Bolstering Alliances
For a Prosperous EU-Malaysia Partnership

EUROCHAM Malaysia has been established since 1993, with the aim to facilitate trade and investment between Europe and Malaysia. The goal is to bolster business alliances for a prosperous EU-Malaysia partnership.

With more than 1,600 companies in the organisations wider network, EUROCHAM Malaysia offers one of the largest business platforms to explore the Malaysian market or to discover the diversity of European economies. It bring businesses and communities together to create mutually beneficial opportunities in trade and investment. Our dual members can by EUROCHAM Malaysia become a part of  a diverse European and Malaysian network of suppliers, manufacturers, investors, customers, business associations, local and foreign bilateral chambers as well as government agencies, embassies and trade counsellors.

Grow your business through attractive dual membership benefits, trade and investment services or make your voice heard in the committees and through the Advocacy Team. Together, EUROCHAM Malaysia and its associated chambers and members create a business-friendly eco-system and affect positive change on government rules and regulations.

EUROCHAM Malaysia is Malaysian Danish Business Council’s key-partner for business in Malaysia and the ASEAN region. We are stronger together!