Sponsorship Opportunities

The Council provides many ways to get your business in front of the executives of the Danish Community along with their international peers. As a sponsor, there is a multitude of opportunities to get in touch with the Danish business community plus the thousands of annual event and media audiences.

Website Sponsor

As a website sponsor, you support us in promoting the Danish business community in Malaysia online; broadcasting our members success stories and not least supporting us in branding the Danish industry in Malaysia.

What you support

  • Online promotion of Danish companies in Malaysia
  • Branding of Denmark online as an industrial nation in Malaysia
  • Securing an online knowledge sharing and promotion platform for more than 30 Danish companies in Malaysia

What you get

  • Central and eye-catching logo placement on the website home page with link to corporate site
  • Logo placement, company presentation and link to corporate site on the sponsor page
  • Logo placement with link to corporate site on all articles published during the sponsorship period

How to become a Website Sponsor

Event Sponsor

There are many ways an Event Sponsor supports our activities, whether it is contributing to one or more events throughout the year. It can be hosting a company visit, offering event facilities, products or transport as well as contributing financially to the activities.

What you support

  • Insightful, learning and eventful professional and social networking activities
  • Strengthening the Danish business network in Malaysia
  • Securing knowledge sharing for more than 30 Danish companies in Malaysia

What you get

  • Logo placement on the event invitation and marketing material
  • Link to corporate site or tagging corporate page on the SoMe announcements
  • Logo placement, company presentation and link to corporate site on the website sponsor page for 12 months.

How to become an Event Sponsor

Premium Sponsor

We only offer two premium sponsorships a year, as this sponsorship agreement is the ultimate form of marketing your business and we believe that few premium sponsors will stand out significantly more than many.

At the same time, it is our highest priority to offer the best return on investment, which is why it is important that these sponsors are a perfect match with our organisation, community and market.

What you support

  • A sustainable organisation and continuous development of all its activities
  • Influence for Danish companies in Malaysia
  • Branding Denmark as an industry nation in Malaysia and the ASEAN region
  • Fundamental activities of the Council to develop and implement policy on major issues affecting business
  • Dissemination of news and information that is essential for business operations in Malaysia

How to become a Premium Sponsor

  • Conditions: Membership is required, as well as the company’s products and services must be in accordance with The Council’s mission to protect and promote the Danish business community in Malaysia.
  • Price: From RM 20000, 12 months sponsorship
  • Initiation: Contact the Executive Director to discuss the details

What you get


  • The company named with gratitude in welcome speech to all online and offline events (exclusive inter-chamber events)
  • Link to corporate site or tagging corporate page on the SoMe announcements
  • Logo placement on all invitations, backdrops, presentations and roll-up banners at all events
  • Logo placement on all pages of the website
  • Premium profile on sponsor page
  • Naming with gratitude in all publications, newsletters and articles
  • Logo placement, naming or tagging the company in all social media postings

Promoting excellence 

  • The company is given the status of the Malaysian Danish Business Council’s top expert in the industry
  • Publication of business promotional information material dedicated to community members
  • Naming and personal presentation of a business excellence award
  • Key speaker for industry related business briefings
  • Instruct at one or more workshops or courses
  • Publishing regular informative articles on the website with link to corporate website

Promoting generosity 

  • Ability to provide member benefits in the form of discounts, vouchers, gift certificates, etc.
  • Host company visits or events for members and partners