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In recent years, Malaysian government has started an energy labelling scheme for public buildings and launched the cash voucher subsidy scheme (SAVE3.0) for the most energy efficient household appliances. In a World that needs to fully decarbonise to comply to the Paris Climate Agreement target, the two key factors will be fuel switching (renewable energy) as well as a strong push for energy efficiency.

Building case studies in Malaysia show an attractive payback time for green buildings from energy efficiency alone. Once the other benefits of improved health, wellbeing and occupant productivity are also factored in, it becomes clear that green buildings are an obvious choice, and that ordinary buildings are expensive.


  • Mr Gregers Reimann, Managing Director, IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd
  • Mr Allan H. Jensen, Chairman / General Manager, MDaBC / Danfoss Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Structure of event:

  • When: Tuesday 12 April 2022, 09:00 AM (Malaysia Time)
  • Duration: 60 minutes


08:50 am

09:00 am
Welcome remarks

by Mr Amos Wong, Executive Director, Malaysian Danish Business Council

09:05 am

Expensive Not To Go Green – Mr Gregers Reimann, Managing Director, IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd

Danfoss Sustainability Solutions In Green Buildings For A Green Restart – Allan H. Jensen, Chairman / General Manager, MDaBC / Danfoss Malaysia Sdn Bhd

09:30 am 
Q & A Session

09:55 am

Mr Gregers Reimann, Managing Director
IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd

Gregers Reimann is the Managing Director of IEN Consultants Sdn Bhd, a pioneering green building consultancy operating in Malaysia since 2000 and specializing in building designs that have good daylighting, are highly energy efficient, healthy and connects with Nature for people to thrive.

Key projects include the energy efficient Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 airport, winner of the National Energy Award 2019, and the two Jakarta projects, Pertamina Energy Tower, the first skyscraper designed to be ZERO energy, and the energy efficient EECCHI office retrofit measuring 53% energy savings. Other projects include the GreenTech Malaysia building, winner of the ASEAN Energy Award 2020 in the ZERO Energy Building category and the energy efficient, biophilic and multi-award winning ‘Paramit – factory in the forest’, winner of the 2020 World Green Building APN Awards.

Gregers is the Chairman of the Green Buildings Committee of EUROCHAM Malaysia and regularly contributes to green building articles and frequently lectures at universities. He has a keen interest to pursue innovative and integrated design solutions bridging the gap between architects and engineers.

Mr Allan H. Jensen, Chairman / General Manager
MDaBC / Danfoss Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Allan is the General Manager of Danfoss Malaysia, the Malaysian arm of Denmark’s largest manufacturing firm, which is a world leader in HVAC technology and components. Allan hails from Denmark, a nation with a strong tradition for clean and sustainable energy efficient solutions. He has a passion for helping his adopted homeland of Malaysia securing environmentally friendly practices in commercial and industrial buildings that lowers operating cost as well as CO2 emissions.

Allan have been with Danfoss in Malaysia since 2012. and is chairman of the Malaysian Danish Business Council, Board Director for the EU Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EUROCHAM) and deputy chair of the EUROCHAM Green Building Committee.

With a background in general management and sales, Allan’s take on building energy efficiency has a pragmatic, solution-oriented drive with a focus on economically viable solutions more than a fascination with EE technology. The challenges facing us now and the next 30 years with climate change and fast rising populations moving into urban centers need decisive solutions now.